The top of one of my flower-forms.

Barbara Hostetler

is the artist and designed at Mossy Art Studio.
She specializes in nature inspired

Ceramic Sculpture

She uses a varity of materials such as glass,
simipercious stones, sterling silver
and copper to create

Delightful Jewelry

A photography of a beautiful purple and blue handmade fused glass pendant.
A cooper necklace. The copper has been hand woven to form the strand which is acented with semi-perious stones

Barbara likes to take pictures of many things such as:
flowers and trees,
intresting parts of buildings and gardens.
She also loves taking pictures of
textures and reflections

A Sampling of Photography

				 The black and white wings of a cormerant in Mexico.

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This site was designed by Barbara Hostetler, owner, artist and designer, at Mossy Art Studio. Except of the photograph of herself, all of the photographs on this site were taken by Barbara.